It’s a pleasure to welcome you on my website and I hope the stuff you'll find on this pages will not disappoint you tůů much. I admit the quality of the photographs may appear a bit poor, but I can assure you the original paintings are a pleasure to look at.

I can imagine you wonder what drives a man to paint such weird stuff. To be honest (again) I don’t know myself and I don’t care either. Painting those things give me a lot of pleasure and I hope somewhere, someone will enjoy looking at them. And wmaybe that person is you…

People who first see my works often ask if I’m influenced by Jheronimus Bosch, the world famous Dutch painter from the 15th century. Of course I am. I’m also influenced, to name a few, by artists like Salvador Dali, Peter Paul Rubens, Magritte, Titian, Harold Foster, Don Lawrence, Tiepolo, Rafael, Giovanni Tomassi Ferroni, Andy Capp, Robert Crumb, Willink, Johfra, Rory Gallagher, Maurits Escher, Melle Oldeboerigter, Hermann, Jan Steen, Jean Giraud, Jacovitty, Frans van Mieris, Frank Zappa, Willem van Mieris, Adriaan van der Werff, Hendrick Golzius, Paul Delveaux, Jacob Jordeans, and everyone else who is a better painter than I am, too many to mention...  

For the record; I was born in 1951, and still living, in Nieuwveen, a small village near Amsterdam, and as soon as I could hold a pencil I started drawing. At first I wanted to be a cartoonist but all too soon I realized I missed the wit. About that time I discovered the world of old master painting. The world-famous Rijksmuseum is only about 20 km from where I live, so you can imagine I spent a lot of time in there studying all those unbelievable painters from the past. I've got a great admiration for all those artists that can really draw a line, use their imagination and are skilled craftsmen too. So I knew what I had to do. With a bit of imagination and a suitable painting technique I try to create a world of my own. I don't care if it is different yes or no, too old fashioned or too modern. It's just me...


I published an English edition of my latest bestselling book: "Rain Or Shine".



Some exhibitions after 1980

1982 Leiden, Galerie Fred Hansen
1983 Den Haag, Pasadenha Art Gallery
1984 Vught, Kasteel Maurik
1985 Den Haag, Pasadenha Art Gallery (Solo)
1986 Zaltbommel, Galerie 1632 (Solo)
1987 Nieuwkoop, Hoeve Rijlaarsdam
Noorden, De Watergeus (Solo)
1988 Amsterdam, Jester Art Gallery
Terneuzen, Art Party (Solo)
1990 Noorden, Watergeus
1992 Den Haag, Lijn 3
1993 Zuidwolde, New Greenwich Village
1994 Amsterdam, Jester Art Gallery
1995 Zuidwolde, New Greenwich Village
1995 Amsterdam, Jester Art Gallery (Solo)
1996 Noorden, De Watergeus (Solo)
Utrecht, Galerie Utrecht
Den Haag, Holland Art Fair
1997 Hellevoetsluis, Galerie La Blanche
1998 Den Haag, Galerie Anton Gidding
Den Haag, Holland Art Fair (Solo)
Rotterdam, Galerie Honingen
1999 Utrecht, Galerie Utrecht
Rotterdam, Galerie Honingen
2000 Utrecht, Galerie Utrecht
2001 Amsterdam, Kunstrai
Aalsmeer, Oude Raadhuys
2002 Utrecht, Galerie Utrecht
Den Haag, Holland Art Fair
2003 Utrecht, Galerie Utrecht
2005 Galerie Utrecht BiŽnnale fijnschilders 2009
2011 Bonnard Nuenen: Imaginair
2012 Het Reghthuys Nieuwkoop
2012 Sta-art Alphen - groepstentoonstelling
2014 Fort De Drecht - Uithoorn
2014 30 jaar Galerie Bonnard - Nuenen
2016 De moderne "Boschen" - Galerie Bonnard